The Bad Day

sunset on forest greens
photo by Sylvia

Looking out the window after a very hard day, my husband says, “Oh wow”, and I join him to find a huge 7pt buck about 15 feet away. He sees us watching him and he is still, statuesque. Then, he turns and saunters across a busy road (where no cars were coming either way) and into another canopy of dense, deep green forest. Swaying his huge hips over brambles and branches, he is taken back into the womb-like evergreen woods.

Later that night, I think, it wasn’t such a bad day after all.

17 thoughts on “The Bad Day”

  1. Glad the buck made a bad day a good one. My sister’s neighborhood has recently become a hangout for deer too. The deer come through the drainage culvert and spillway system. It seems they like the quieter neighborhoods.


  2. Such manifestations in nature are so very meaningful. I experience them, too. I often think, What are the odds of this encounter, and realize there are no reasonable odds. They just happen. Close-up encounters with birds and butterflies are my most common revelations from the universe. I even found a tarantula on my mountain biking trail this week. I consider them all miracles, bringing me closer to a spiritual realm.


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