25 thoughts on “Satisfying”

      1. I will never believe that. I am single, live alone and have few dishes that I wash very quickly. No machine can beat that speed and sipping use of water.


  1. I agree with you. With hard well water on the ranch I use my dishwasher to keep my coffee maker, espresso machine, toaster… One human uses very few dishes, even on the days I cook.


  2. This is sweet but not really relatable. 🙂 After washing the dishes manually all my life including in the sea and rivers, I was extremely happy when my parents bought me a washing machine at 37 or so. After moving to Italy, amore got it immediately as well, probably after watching me how much water I use for washing the dishes. 😀 It worked! 😉


    1. I didn’t enjoy it as a child either. And I didn’t enjoy it when I was first married and I was the “dishwasher” when we had parties and people over (which was often in those days). Then I had a dishwasher when the kids came and it’s been 20 years of not washing by hand. But you are right, I experience peace with washing them now.


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