25 thoughts on “Satisfying”

      1. I will never believe that. I am single, live alone and have few dishes that I wash very quickly. No machine can beat that speed and sipping use of water.


  1. Washing by hand tends to be equal or faster in time it takes to ready the dishwasher for a run. Also a good way to unwind from a harried day. 🙂


  2. I agree with you. With hard well water on the ranch I use my dishwasher to keep my coffee maker, espresso machine, toaster… One human uses very few dishes, even on the days I cook.


  3. This is sweet but not really relatable. 🙂 After washing the dishes manually all my life including in the sea and rivers, I was extremely happy when my parents bought me a washing machine at 37 or so. After moving to Italy, amore got it immediately as well, probably after watching me how much water I use for washing the dishes. 😀 It worked! 😉


  4. I have been washing dishes since my parents saw i could reach the sink successfully. As a child, I was not thrilled about washing dishes. As an adult, it brings me great joy and peace.


    1. I didn’t enjoy it as a child either. And I didn’t enjoy it when I was first married and I was the “dishwasher” when we had parties and people over (which was often in those days). Then I had a dishwasher when the kids came and it’s been 20 years of not washing by hand. But you are right, I experience peace with washing them now.


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