Tender Things

photo by Wolfgang Stearns

spots on a fawn
the smell of a burning campfire
bees on orange clover
a coyote call at dusk
random lines of Neruda
the way my babies looked while sleeping
drops of rain against the evening sun
cups of steaming coffee
warm blankets and cool nights
iridescent feathers
summer storms in the distance
handwritten letters
fading roses
memories of your long, grey braid

20 thoughts on “Tender Things”

  1. Looks like you love nature and animals as your photos are really nice, as is your poems and writing.I love the English countryside, but then again, I love all countryside, what’s left of it anyway.Would love to live in the country, but a lot of people say this, and when they ever do go, they quickly become bored, missing all the shops and stuff. But not me, the farther away the better.


    1. Boredom confuses me. There is always something to do, to read, to listen to, places to walk, things to write, thoughts to think……..
      I agree with you, there is much beauty to behold in the country.

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      1. You are so right, and there is always something one can do when not working. I’m thinking of giving painting or drawing a try, it’s something I have always admired and would love to be able to do. Also, I would like to be able to play a musical instrument. Thank You.


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