11 thoughts on “At a Gathering Recently”

    1. The house that we are invited into every Christmas to make gingerbread houses has a widow’s walk on the outside. A widow’s walk is a walkway on the top of a house seen mostly in New England. The houses there typically had (Victorian Era) these small encompassing balconies called “widows walks”. As I understand it, these structures got their names from widows standing on them and looking out to sea for their lost husbands. Such architectural details here in Pennsylvania are rare. So this house is very unique.


    2. Also, that lace photo is from the actual house and the gingerbread roof, is my own creation. 🙂 I wanted to feature another woman’s house because hers was so very beautiful, but I didn’t get permission to do so before we left and felt a little awkward posting a photo of someone else’s house. 🙂


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