photo by Wolfgang Stearns

what did they find at the end of the path?
were there answers?
were there solutions?
was the way clear,
the sky cloudless?
did the dragonflies finally speak?
did a bridge miraculously appear?
did the water turn to ice,
a solid foundation for the rest of the journey?
or did they jump and simply swim?

14 thoughts on “Jump”

  1. Buddhist paraphrasing thought: We might be able to see a river from the shore and be able to name it a river, but to truly knows it current and depth we must immerse ourselves into it, and thereby we do not find the answers, the answers locate us.


  2. I love this take on life. Timely words. It seems I’ll find out when I get there–not a moment too soon or too late, provided I take one step at a time and remain grounded in the present.


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