A Day on the Yough

ohio pyle 2
photo by Sylvia

sitting beside the Youghiogheny River,
i listened to the sound of its waters,
watched a wolf spider,
and caught a glimpse of a dipping hawk–
what did the Algonguin
tribes see when they came here?
what did they feel when they looked into
the sky and over the mountains?
what did they know when they sat on the
rocks and scanned the horizon for sunning snakes?
we think we might know, but really,
we will never know

18 thoughts on “A Day on the Yough”

      1. I think there are so many commonalities with the human condition, we share a great deal, Sylvia. When I see a petroglyph of a person shooting a deer, the message seems obvious. When I look at one of the alien like creatures featured in so many petroglyphs, I can only wonder. –Curt

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