flea and farmers market on a Sunday

photo by Sylvia

home made candles
vases from the 50’s
musty books
pots filled with basil
black raspberry plants
bracelets that sparkled in the morning sun
platform shoes
cherry tomatoes
long asparagus
lush rhubarb
reindeer salt and pepper shakers
hand crafted end tables
ruby red strawberries
bunches of bib lettuce
bulbs of garlic

20 thoughts on “flea and farmers market on a Sunday”

      1. I have a wonderful rhubarb custard pie recipe – and it happens to be on the blog if you do a search πŸ™‚ some people make sauce from it, but my family always wants that pie πŸ™‚


    1. Jodi, me making a pie is the equivalent of me building a rocket and orbiting the moon. Really. (now you can understand how thrilled I was the day I made the pork in the slow cooker from your recipe)

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