Fairy Stories

iris purple
photo by Sylvia

the raindrops cling to your velvet petals
and i am reminded of ballroom gowns
with satin sashes and ruffled skirts–
those dresses of dreams
and fantasy and childhood fairy stories
that still haunt the halls of memory
with forgotten echoes of romance
and misty mirages of everlasting love

12 thoughts on “Fairy Stories”

  1. OMG Sylvia my soul sista! I just took this almost exact same photo the other day of my first iris in the yard. Will be featuring this week! Now I have your words and thoughts in my head! I love your imagry with it!


    1. That is so funny Jodi. I suppose because we live in the same area, we are exposed to the same flowers blooming around us. I find it really interesting to see how two people can view very similar things and yet express their wonder in separate ways. Very cool. 🙂

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