Snippets of conversations heard recently

yellow iris
photo by Sylvia

“it’s going to be cold tonight, down to 36”

“hey, what are you up to? i just got home”

“if i were skinnier, i could pull that off”

“i’m a very proud cat daddy”

“hi, i’d like to have both my nipples pierced”

“she must like yellow, she has yellow flowers everywhere”

“pain just reminds us that we’re alive”

10 thoughts on “Snippets of conversations heard recently”

    1. 1. walking out of a restaurant
      2. my son answering a phone call at midnight
      3. waiting for my daughter in a dressing room department store
      4. at a seminar lunch table
      5. at a piercing/tattoo place
      6. outside my balcony
      7. at the same piercing/tattoo place


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