April Love Letters

dried roses
photo by Sylvia

This list inspired by Susannah Conway.

Dear Love, where did we go wrong?
Dear Home, you are not made of bricks and mortar.
Dear Feet, i must take better care of you.
Dear Morning, i know we can be friends.
Dear Intuition, thank you.
Dear Books, i love you.
Dear Rest, you are always welcome.
Dear Younger Me, be kinder, more generous and less self-absorbed.
Dear Imagination, why don’t you call as often?
Dear First Love, please forgive me.
Dear Hunger, you swallow me whole.
Dear Future Me, i hope you’ve found your way.
Dear Senses, i cherish you.
Dear Courage, do not desert me.
Dear Shadows, can you make a puppet?
Dear Legs, you are mighty.
Dear Family, practice patience and love.
Dear Kindness, we are close now and i am grateful.
Dear Money, you still frighten me after all these years.
Dear Reflection, always at odds with the world.
Dear Sky, you are sill lovely when you cry.
Dear Fear, why do you follow me?
Dear Magic, you are my saving grace.
Dear Truth, help me find the answers.
Dear America, it’s not all about you.
Dear Heart, if only you could be lighter.
Dear Change, you never fail to show up.
Dear Laughter, thank goodness you have not foresaken me.
Dear Sancutuary, i miss you.
Dear Sylvia, it will be ok.

28 thoughts on “April Love Letters”

    1. These points are a prompt from Susannah Conway’s blog. They are meant as letter prompts for each day in April, but I tackled them all at once. And the roses I dried from the lovely fresh ones that I photographed and posted on March 15th. Thank you for the compliment!

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    1. It was interesting to think about. Go to Susannah’s website and learn more about her sessions on these letters in April. They are really meant to be written each day as a separate thought. But of course, I did it differently because following directions is not often on my agenda. πŸ™‚

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  1. all the entities of our psyche – each, whether they are fully positive or negative (most are on scale that shift between the two polar opposites), are part of us and deserve our love


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