some things i love (a partial 60’s and 70’s list)

hippies side door
photo by Sylvia

Janis Joplin
Marlin Perkins
1977 El Camino
The Partridge Family
skirts made of patches of velvet
The Carol Burnett Show
Topo Gigio
The Electric Company
the color “avacado”
Nancy Sinatra’s boots
Shari Lewis and Lambchop
men with long hair
The Carpenters
bell bottom jeans
the song “Love Child” by The Supremes
Grizzly Adams (Rest in Peace, Dan Haggerty)

24 thoughts on “some things i love (a partial 60’s and 70’s list)”

    1. Well I absolutely love her voice, but any Karen Carpenter song literally brings me to tears and I don’t know why. I have to change the channel if any come on while I’m driving. I’m partial to Yesterday Once More, but the Christmas songs are so soulfully sung. I think her voice is just magical.

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    1. I fell for Janis Joplin when I was very young and have loved her ever since. Diana Ross is just an amazing talent and what can I say about Carol Burnett? I’m so glad to have lived when she was wonderfully funny with Harvey Korman and Tim Conway. Comedy Genius.


  1. Ah, that avocado… I’ve worked hard to remove it from my home, but truth be told it can be so pretty in context. Thanks for the reminder of so many special things today! 🙂


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