12 thoughts on “Textures I Love (a partial list)”

    1. Yes, I also often think of what it would be like to be blind. It’s one of my biggest fears. I am so visual, that sight is my most keen sense. But I do like to touch things and I do have very specific favorite things to smell and hear. It’s an interesting exercise to actually stop and think about.


  1. I made myself focus on each texture as I read through the list, and the only one that didn’t come quickly to me was oil pastels.
    Enjoyed this list, and image


    1. Years ago when I used oil pastels, I would cover large areas with deep color simply because I loved the feeling that the oil stick had when rubbed against the paper. It was a little bit like rubbing a stick of butter on a pan, but less messy on the hands. I still remember that pleasure from the oil pastel’s texture all this time later.


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