12 thoughts on “Outlines”

  1. I love this. I was about to say I have a similar image on my blog, but I just realized I got it ready but never posted it. Mine is a sweet gum, yours is perhaps a sycamore tree? Anyway, I loved the silhouette of the little balls against the cloudy sky.


    1. No it’s not a sycamore. They are very small orange berries. I came home and looked it up the day I snapped that photo and could not find what kind of tree it is. I shot all the images in color because I love the orange that the berries have, but it’s been so foggy that almost all of my shots from that day look like they’re in black and white. So, I made the image black and white and went with it because that’s the feeling that the lighting gives each morning. Perhaps the sun will come out and I’ll be able to capture their beautiful color.

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  2. What a mesmerizing tree. Perhaps I have taken a similar photograph of a tree and its fruit (?) without knowing what it was (similar to what Cynthia says in her comment). I found you through a link on her site by the way. I loved reading your thoughts. Have a lovely weekend and holiday season. All the best, Sabine


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