Morning Walk in the Fog

fog w light
photo by Sylvia

walking through the fog
my thoughts fall into place–
light, tree, another tree, another light, sidewalk…
i watch my breath,
the dog’s tags clink against each other–
i hear the geese in the distance,
and there
someone scrapes the frost from a windshield
and then
a duck flaps its wings on the dock
and when
my hands grow too cold
i turn around and start walking home–
light, tree, another tree, another light, sidewalk…

41 thoughts on “Morning Walk in the Fog”

  1. Thanks for sharing. Right now,my life seems to be admist fog. And that fog, I believe, will lift soon. This photo and your poem touched my heart today.


  2. I wish I had your way with poetry. Your words are so descriptive that I have no trouble imagining your walk.
    (My Monochromia photo this week was taken during my morning walk in the fog)


  3. I love the way you noticed the sound of the birds (esp the ducks, naturally!) Have you ever noticed how the fog (and being near water) can make sounds louder/feel closer? It’s kinda magical. 🙂


  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. I love how your poem really brings about the ethereal feel of fog. Everything seems to happen gradually and we are introduced one by one to things as they appear in front of us – this order is reflected in your thoughts. As others have said it is an interesting way to experience things. X


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