Their Lives

photo by Wolfgang Stearns
photo by Wolfgang Stearns

I watched a hawk catch a small fish from the lake. His perfect form, the envy of witnessing geese, and clumsy dogs and noisy seagulls. Were the other fish mystified by the sudden disappearance of their friend? Did they swim quickly away in fright and apprehension, having their lives pass before their cloudy, bulging eyes?

17 thoughts on “Their Lives”

    1. Right. And I understand that anthropomorphism is not wise, but when you see a mama elephant caressing the dead bones of her baby and other such examples, it’s almost impossible not to understand how small we are and as Gretchen pointed out, how large our egos.

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  1. Love your poem and ponderance. I do believe life is much simpler for our animal friends. They aren’t possessed of the same ego as we. We have a sea eagle at the lake and I could watch him dive and dive for dinner fish.


  2. Beautiful photo…lovely words…I’ve always wondered if the fish noticed the disappearance of a friend 🙂


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