19 thoughts on “Instincts”

  1. No harm in trusting the instinct and being careful. But looking at the beauty of the photo, I want to believe that the dog growled at a bunny. That gives me chance to go back there again another day.


    1. It was sunny and beautiful where I was sitting. Those blue flowers were on my left side and there was a field of green behind me and crystal blue, beautiful water in front of me. It wasn’t creepy until the dog growled (which I’ve never heard her do as she is only a year old) and for some reason I felt completely unnerved. No idea why. Most likely a hawk or a raccoon in the woods, but I decided lunch at the cabin sounded good.

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  2. Dogs never growl for nothing, and even if there was no real danger, it is better to trust the dog’s instinct.
    Love the chicory flowers in your photograph.


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