19 thoughts on “New”

  1. I like landscape pictures and also the sky because the sky will be changed frequently. I have changed my theme to “Hatch” because my pictures are the most important and I like this one very much. I have also tried “2014” and “Mixfolio” but the Hatch one is for me now the best.

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    1. That’s true. There’s a very large, lush, green hillside behind that fog. And the sun was trying to shine through as well. It was amazingly thick. I literally watched it lift and it felt like an opening curtain on the day.

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    1. Thank you. I cropped out the marina and most of the boats and some other rooftops on the left. I wanted the focus to be the fog with a little of the roofs and boats as a reference point for perspective. It was so thick and so beautiful.

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  2. Your lovely image invites attention and reflection . . . it feels so still and yet dynamically pregnant with possibility and mystery. We’ve had lots of clouds dipping down into river valley here. I love to walk above it all on the ridge top road and enjoy the shifting of clouds and the emergence of the obscured water and land. Thanks for sharing your morning view!


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