26 thoughts on “Go”

    1. Thank you. I find it very difficult to exit an elevator when people are literally pushing me out of the way in order to get inside. There are times I would like to push a “pause” button on the constant rush.


  1. haha, you apparently have never been to Panama. 🙂 I have learned that traffic lights are mostly decorative and otherwise, only a suggestion. But yes,these are good words, for sure.


      1. I bet it was exciting, I have heard horror stories, and I have chosen not to drive outside the USA, basically. Medicine, that might work. 🙂

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      1. Makes sense. Out here in the Albuquerque, the wild west, the land of Breaking Bad, they have replaced all the old style traffic lights over the past several years.


  2. Driving in Vegas is like driving in California but on a smaller scale i guess. Tim is right, that’s an older style light, nice photo.


  3. On a philosophical note, sometimes it is good to take a back seat and let others take centre stage…lol it also teaches us patience! Thought provoking! Thanks!


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