42 thoughts on “Beauty”

    1. Thank you. I watched this flower fade slowly and as it changed it still remained “beautiful”. Although the tenderness of it when I first placed it in the vase was almost heartbreaking.


  1. Beautiful peonies, I have 2 of these beauties in front of me right now, one the same colour of yours and the another one white, I could rescue them before the rain. The fragrance is so lovely! The material things go away, but we always keep the details: a colour, a fragrance, a moment with us.


    1. Very true. There are times that one of those things, color, smell, sound– makes me very nostalgic. And the pinks in this peony, like yours, did that very thing. It’s not a true sadness, just a wisp of longing for something very long gone.

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    1. Actually, there is little to no physical resemblance of my younger self with my older self. And in many ways, I am at peace with that. Once in a while, something (like this peony) will remind me of another time.

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  2. O yes! Little girls and their pretty little dresses in pink… One day we’d worn them too, but seems so far off now… I agree. Beautiful. ♡


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