29 thoughts on “Listening”

  1. Very nice poem and photo!
    Crows have declined in numbers here in Illinois due to the West Nile virus – which they (as well as Blue Jays) – are especially susceptible to… but they are making a comeback. They are very intelligent! Some friends of ours had one – as a pet from when it was a fallen fledgling – that they had taught to say: “Nevermore.”


  2. When I walk in the morning I see the same group of crows. They start chattering as I get closer to them. I like to think they know me now.😊


  3. Another beauty, Sylvia. Do you know the story of the Zen master Ikkyu who, while meditating in a boat on Lake Biwa, heard a crow caw. He heard it as the laughter of the universe, and had a great awakening. So whenever I hear Sister Crow, I smile.


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