photo by Philip Stearns
photo by Philip Stearns

The other day someone asked me how old my children are,
I answered 17 and nearly 15.
“You’re almost done,” he remarked.
“I’ll never be done,” I answered.
Later, when I thought about this conversation the truth
struck me in a fierce way. I will never, ever be done.
I will always be their mama to infinity and beyond.

61 thoughts on “Beyond”

      1. Thanks. I write to both of my parents when an event happens that I know they would love to here about. I feel close to them this way. I will enjoy your peace today.

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  1. This beautiful post touches the heart of every parent–Father or Mother. My “kids” are in their mid-40’s, and if anything, my parental love has deepened over the years. But your friend had a point: the years of protective direction grow into parenting by loving support and guidance by example. It is only a shift of emphasis, but it generates a deep intimacy with your adult children.


  2. A mother’s love, the fiercest force in the world. Just like in your beautiful pic when you think you’ve reached the horizon you see yet another.


  3. I have found my girls used to say “I will die without you in my life talking every day. They have gotten a life of their own and now children of their own and do not need to talk to me every day. But do!


  4. The difference is as children get older they become less dependent on you. I seemed to always be known as this one’s mom or that one’s mom. One day you wake up and you really do have a identity beyond being so and so’s mom lol. You will always be a mom.


  5. I have an 18 year old (who knows absolutely everything) and a 21 year old. My DD is the 18 year old and since getting her first boyfriend a few months back I have been noticing big changes in our relationship, but thus far I am still a go-to when she needs to vent. I hope that never changes. My 21 year old son will probably live with us forever because he has Downs, so it gives a little different spin on “never being done.” My Hubby told me that he was given to us for a reason — so if Hubby dies first, I’ll never be alone. Regardless if our children move away or live with us forever, we are mother’s now and forever and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


  6. This is a humbling and overwhelming responsibility. But we become equal to the task one day at a time, learning from each new experience and adversity, with love prevailing. I have seven children ages 24 to 9. I have done my best–they are all great kids–I hope to God it’s enough. Best.


  7. The comfort and warmth of a Mother’s love. I miss my own and sometimes write her a letter even though she is not here. You have created such a day. Thank


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