33 thoughts on “An Old House”

  1. Wonderful! Reminds me of times spent with my grandmother at her old farmhouse home and the cottage on Isle La Motte Vermont. She is gone and has been for many years. However, she lives on through memories evoked by photos and writing such as this post. Thank you.


      1. Quite the experience. Thanks. Finally have my Peace Corps book to the point where I will be going public. Lots and lots of details. Next book: Burning Man, I think. πŸ™‚ –Curt


  2. Hi. This is beautiful. Just want to tell you also that I am following your blog. It shows up on my list of “Blogs I Follow.” I wasn’t sure because I couldn’t see the follow button on your blog. I guess I clicked it from the Reader, or something. πŸ™‚


  3. Old houses, stained glass… Beautiful. Amazing photos and such evocative imagery! I love how your blog is a family affair πŸ™‚
    I love old buildings, especially the ones which are a little worn around the edges. They are so inscrutable though! I wish all houses came with the histories of those who lived there before… Though perhaps not in the form of ghosts, because that would just scare the living sh*t out of me.


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