13 thoughts on “Tasks”

    1. My sister in law lives on Long Island in a little town that has the best tea shop. Recently she introduced me to this wonderful chocolate tea and I must call her and ask her to kindly bring some when she visits in a couple weeks. It needed plenty of honey, but I found it delicious.

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    1. It’s a story about two people who decide to live their lives completely isolated from society on a little island. The photos are beautiful and the story is thought provoking. One of my favorite non-fiction books.

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  1. I love your to-do list. So much. I grew up on the Great Dismal Swamp, where herons were as common as seagulls are, on the coast, or pigeons, in the city. I miss them dearly. And also: I’m intrigued by your sea salt candle. 🙂 Thank you, again, for posting such lovely thoughts.


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