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Things I love II (an incomplete list)

photo by Philip Stearns
photo by Philip Stearns

morning toast
the words “archery” and “acrid”
black cherries
summer storm clouds
old photographs
the sound of crows
purple roses
the time — 11:11
wooden boxes
silver bracelets
long good-byes
dreams of flying
used book stores
windy nights
an old pair of jeans
pencil cases
helvetica and garamond


photo by Wolfgang Stearns
photo by Wolfgang Stearns

I want to be an open vessel for otherwise unthought thoughts;
a tranquil glass of tequila, ready to be injusted and enjoyed.
A single rain drop or snowflake or tear stain or puddle splash;
content to have had one moment in the sun.
I want to be the echo of swallow calls in a cave;
light refracted from window to wall;
diamonds reflected from stilled waters.

5 Things

lilly pad art

Five things that make me smile

1. Water lillies (because I don’t often see them and their beauty surprises me every time)

2. The movie Bottle Rocket (because I wish I had a yellow jumpsuit)

3. Irony (because in its truest form, it can be hugely entertaining)

4. Goldfinches (because they zip about in a chattering way and I wish I understood their language)

5. A passing Karmann Ghia (because someday I will learn to drive a stick)