15 thoughts on “Goldenrod in the Fog”

  1. I kinda miss this plant, Michigan is smothered with Goldenrod. It’s like a small sea of color, looking across a large field. None of that here in the Mojave…


    1. You know, I really love the desert and the southwest part of our country is like a calming hand on my mind. But, I have to say that the lush green plants and forests of the mid-west and the east, as well as the fields of yellows and greens are embedded into my psyche. I hope you can look at this photo and get a glimmer of happy recognition today.


      1. Oh yes, very much! i am terribly homesick. My wife knows it but for health reasons for us both, as well as her inability to tolerate the harsh climate up there, we need to live where the climate is much less harsh year round. She grew up in California and does not handle my native northern climate well…


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