Excerpt from the book: The Essex Serpent

photo by Sylvia

“Solitude suits me. Sometimes I wear my old boots and my man’s coat and sometimes I put on silk, and no one’s any the wiser, and certainly not me.”

Excerpt from the book: The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry, 2016


19 thoughts on “Excerpt from the book: The Essex Serpent”

  1. Being comfortable enough with yourself to live happily by yourself is a true accomplishment.
    Great photo, Sylvia. Now I’m and Easterner, they look like trees I’ve been taking photos of in our yard. But what are the lights? –Curt


    1. Yes, I agree. The lights are little houses down the hill…I shot this from my side porch. It’s not a great shot, I know, but the feeling I got from it when I looked it over was contentment. And of course, that’s probably not at all what anyone else may see in the shot but it matched the comfort and contentment of these lines from this book I just finished, so I used it. It’s slightly blurry which very often I like. My daughter asked me recently if I need glasses and we laughed because I always favor slightly “off” photos (“off” in one way or another). One of the many reasons I didn’t do well in photography class 40 years ago.


    1. It was an interesting read. I just finished watching the Limited Series on Apple TV which was based on the book. As always, the book is more nuanced and more interesting and the writing is very beautiful but the show was also beautiful visually and I thought some of the simplification of the book was refreshing. Anyway, good read. 🙂 And also, I always enjoy your writing on your blog. Keep on keeping’ on.


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