16 thoughts on “A Balance”

    1. Ha! These are actually my childhood marbles. I passed them down to my kids and then repossessed them when they grew too old (no such thing, but that’s just me) for them. I am in possession of the marbles literally although admittedly not in possession figuratively, so I won’t be of any help there, I’m afraid. 🙂 Thank you for always being so encouraging Timothy.

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  1. This is truly lovely, Sylvia. That is life. Sometimes all the marbles are on one side, sometimes half and half… balance does not mean always equal.


  2. Ah, I am pleased to hear that you played marbles in your youth, Sylvia. I spent many an hour with my shooter, trying to increase my collection. I may have worn out my thumb. Grin. As for marbles, they come in numerous sizes and even more colors, but they all roll. Maybe there is another analogy here…


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