Black Winged Woman

photo by Sylvia

she is a black winged woman
once a virgin, then a maiden, now a crone—
large, formidable, standing in black velvet platform boots,
wind at her back—
no white horses arriving today
no promises of peaceful doves and candy rainbows,
a window to a haunted past
and a hail storm future—
she is one woman,
but she is all the women
of her midnight-caped clan—
flying, diving, surviving—

18 thoughts on “Black Winged Woman”

  1. Oh Sylvia, this is a joy to behold, this poem. The words and images unique and powerful. I’ve sat here reading it over and over, appreciating your formidable words. Lovely photo too.


    1. Thank you so much Jet. I felt this way the other day as I came home from a dinner and threw my boots down and I felt-tired. But also, I felt-hopeful for the next generation, for the next chapter of life. Looking upon a landscape of bright futures is important when I get melancholy about the past.


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