Excerpt from the book Dragonology

photo by Sylvia

Lesson IX–Conserving Wild Dragons

It is vital that the student realize that dragons are wild creatures and, as such, will resist taming.

from the book The Dragonology Handbook — A Practical Course in Dragons by Ernest Drake, 2005


22 thoughts on “Excerpt from the book Dragonology”

    1. It belonged to my son when he was a little boy and I kept it not only because of sentimentality, but because the illustrations are beautiful and the writing is enchanting. I would say, yes, off to Amazon you go! 🙂

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      1. Good morning Sylvia =) Thank you so much for the offer, that is super sweet of you, but I’ll just wait, sooner or later either Amazon will get or a local bookstore can get it for me. I could order from US Amazon, but the shipping is more than the book itself, which is nuts.


  1. What a beautiful photo. That book looks great. The illustrations are wonderful. I just ordered a collectible version in “like new” condition for $8.


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