37 thoughts on “Morning Fog”

  1. Thanks for posting this beautiful photo.I should remember where you live, but I forget! We had similar fog this morning, and I got some great photos, which will show up eventually! Somehow it is hard for me to put more than one photo on a post! I guess I don’t like to overload with photos, so I typically post one a day, scheduling them so they stretch out a bit! Have a great day! Enjoy your weekend!


    1. Yes, you are in Ohio and I’m in Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) so our weather is similar, I’m sure. I did take this around 7:00 am this morning, the fog was so lovely. I look forward to seeing your images!


  2. Hi Sylvia, First, as always, a beautiful photo matched by your words. The bare limbs, fog and sun indeed speak of silence. Second thanks for your comment on my post. While I didn’t go missing on purpose (grin), it was nice to know I was missed. Thanks. Curt


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