16 thoughts on “Excerpt from The Goldfinch”

    1. I can see how this book would not be everyone’s cup of tea. For one thing, it’s a big read. But I am a huge Donna Tartt fan (also, I know not everyone loves her). I find her writing to be beautiful and her sense of “place” in her novels is all-absorbing. The Goldfinch is my favorite of her three books and I just read it for the 3rd time. It made me take my book on Rembrandt and Vermeer out and I had a lovely time looking through them. I don’t have a book on Fabritius, but I would love to see The Goldfinch in real life. Anyway, thanks for stopping by Dale, I always appreciate your comments.

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      1. This is what I have heard.
        And I have been wanting to give her a read so I can judge for myself! Oh, how wonderful that it caused you to seek out the two artists! Hmmm… all the more intriguing, now…


      2. I find all her books to spiral out into other areas. I just finished re-reading her book, The Secret History and from a quote in that book, I ordered the biography of Rimbaud earlier today. I love that…the spinning out into other curiosities….

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      3. Dale, I got that idea and possibly that very term from Austin Kleon. I looked on his site for the exact blog post where he talked about how some books make you go out into the world and find other connections and couldn’t find the exact post. But he is very interesting and I love his ideas. I have his books on creativity and have gifted them more than once. Anyway, just wanted to clarify that I developed that sensitivity of “spinning out” from books from him. You can find his blog at austinkleon.com

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    1. Yes, my favorite of hers. Although after I re-read this, I re-visited The Secret History. I had forgotten a lot about that particular book (and I had forgotten how much I like it). Her novels make me want to take residence within the pages.

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