25 thoughts on “Lyrics: Wichita Lineman”

      1. Well John….I am, as we speak, working on a fine art series of telephone poles. That is to say, I’m using images I’ve taken of telephone poles (like this one) and turning them into “art” with color. Simply because I have always loved the lines, the patterns that they make against blue skies or grey skies, as it were. So this question might be answered differently if you ask another (less strange) person, but my answer is no, no it’s not weird at all. 🙂

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      2. Wow, life is a circle, Sylvia! I look forward to seeing your work. As a kid, I was riding down the quiet residential street and saw a squirrel walking on the lowest cable, the telephone cable. The poor thing slipped off right in front of me and made a very loud splat! As it hit the ground, then ran off. I’ll be it was smarting pretty bad! This is circa 1969 or 70.

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    1. David, just listened to your YouTube clip…you picked a wonderful version! A little different than the original released version and so very, very soulful. I don’t mind telling you a got a tiny bit teary eyed….

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    1. Well known in the 60’s and 70’s. He died not too long ago from Alzheimer’s I believe. Look him up on YouTube, his voice is beautiful and his songs were lovely (to me). You might agree.


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