Excerpt From: cider with Rosie, 2 of 3

photo by Sylvia

That blow in the night, which gave me concussion, scarred me, I think, forever–put a stain of darkness upon my brow and opened a sinister door in my brain, a door though which I am regularly visited by messengers whose words just escape me, by glimpses of worlds I can never quite grasp, by grief, exultation, and panic…

from Cider with Rosie by Laurie Lee, 1959

7 thoughts on “Excerpt From: cider with Rosie, 2 of 3”

    1. Thank you Dale. It only took me an hour to post this (!) because I couldn’t get the photo to NOT be blurry. My original photo is not blurry and I tried everything I could think of to mend the problem. I even re-imported a new photo and still blurry. So I told myself it’s not about perfection and moved on! 🙂

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