15 thoughts on “These things lately”

  1. I confess, Sylvia, I had to look up Maira Kalman. I confess, after looking at the illustration, I should have guessed that she would make it onto the front of the New Yorker, one of our favorite magazines. –Curt


  2. I so enjoyed “these things lately,” Sylvia. The list of ordinary daily life items that bring a special thrill to your day. I liked the thought of you taking the time to think of the things, record them so eloquently, and gathering the produce and book to photograph.


    1. Thank you Jet. I often think when I compile these lists…”who cares?” But when I have that thought, I remember that I love to read lists like this from other people that I have a “connection” with. It makes me happy to gather a list of things that are good in my life because (as with everyone’s life) things aren’t always good and it makes me take a step back and appreciate my great privilege (earned only by the circumstances of my birth and nothing else) that allows me to eat well and appreciate art and listen to whatever music happens to be at my fingertips. It’s so easy to take things for granted, and I never want to do that. I do thank you for being interested in these bits of nonsense because it warms my heart to think that other people could get a little slice of happiness from a list of my very own random things.


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