11 thoughts on “Wordless: 3”

  1. Victrola rolls or music scrolls (player piano)?

    O/T: my browser is blocking the functionality of the “like” button. WP support believes it’s caused by new security coding. That means I’ll be commenting more. 🙂


    1. Well, that makes two of us! Last summer I was at a flea market with my daughter and we came upon a rotary phone. I watched her (she’s 18) press the numbers on the dial. And I was flabbergasted. She had no idea that one places a finger into the plastic rotary part and drags it around until it meets the little metal hook. We laughed a lot and I teased her, but it made me feel ancient!

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  2. This one image arouses so many thoughts, how incredible. The array of songs and composers from different eras, and the old boxes stacked in a bit of disorder. I love your style, Sylvia.


    1. Thank you so much Jet. I would like to take credit for this “styling”, but in fact this is exactly as these boxes appeared at an amazing antique shop we happened upon. The boxes themselves and all the fonts and the names of the songs were so enchanting, it was the only thing I photographed in the entire shop.

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