Thoughts on a Walk

purple clematis.jpg
photo by Sylvia

when i take walks i think about what i’ll make for dinner and what i forgot to do this afternoon and why she made that off-handed comment and why do people insist that green grass is better than grass with wild clover and when did the clematis get so big and where did the egret go and why is the pup limping slightly and what time will i leave on thursday morning and what in the world will i make for dinner today…

17 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Walk”

    1. I went to a little Italian store up the street and got meatballs and fresh rolls and provolone cheese and we had meatball subs and salad with lettuce from the farmer’s market. 🙂 Yes, other days, it might be cheerios.

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      1. Mmmm …

        Breakfast is always a solid standby for dinner. We tend to favor a full pancake breakfast. Bacon and sausage is one of those “if I remember items” from the supermarket.

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    1. Oh I’m sorry you had to go through a root canal!! Terrible.
      And always so very hard to quiet the mind. Years ago I took yoga in a class setting that included meditation. I found that with intense practice, I could quiet my mind from these racing, looping thoughts. But that was many years ago and I have lost the concentration. Perhaps time to start practicing that again…..

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