17 thoughts on “Change”

  1. Yes, but for a lot of us, we can’t handle the changes, because they came at us, too quickly, and, we’d gone in fight mode, to resist the changes in our lives, even if it’s, for the better…


  2. Change can be hard, Sylvia, no doubt about it. I’ve been through some doozies over the years. But I also believe, and experience has proven this out, when one door closes, another opens. The thing is not to get lost in the past, to live in the present, and welcome the future. Easier to say than to do, I know. –Curt


    1. Yes I agree that doors open, right behind the closing doors. I think if one really believes this, it enables us to actually see the doors when they do open. Paying attention is half the battle, I find. Your words are wise Curt, I always appreciate your thoughts.


    1. Doesn’t it look like a paper cut-out? It’s so perfectly shaped and lovely I couldn’t resist taking this photo at a nursery recently. I would have loved to have taken it home with me.

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    1. I always have a rather hard time with change and I wish I could embrace it a little more enthusiastically. But as Curt mentioned above, looking for those new open opportunities is so necessary. And you’re right, without it there’s no growth. So, yes…. it’ll all work out for the better. Change is good…change is good….change is good….. 🙂

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