10 thoughts on “Fly Away”

    1. Yes, I do too. This photo is from last year. Although I’m not a person that hates the cold weather and I like the snow very much, this spring has been very, very cold. There are still no signs of green on trees. Some flowering trees have begun to flower and of course some spring flowers have begun to grow, but it is a long way from looking as lush as this photo. The wasp incident was last week when we had a very hot day and it sat on the railing of the balcony and watched me intently before leaving me behind.

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      1. Oh and here I was thinking that at Last you had some warmer weather! I hope Spring and Summer are all the more beautiful for their delay. 🙂
        I do wonder what insects think in their tiny brains.

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  1. Peggy and I flew away a couple of times this spring to visit with our kids in North Carolina and Connecticut. The visit were great, but given air travel these days, I wish I would have had a wasp to fly on, Sylvia! But I get the longing. I’ve never been able to resist. Fortunately, I have a buddy who says “Fine, let’s go.” ≠Curt


    1. Well the irony here is that my anxiety is very high when it comes to traveling. So I would love to fly away IN THEORY, but the reality doesn’t quite match. It’s so wonderful that you have Peggy and you are both able to share your exciting adventures together.


      1. Probably like my anxiety about staying in one place too long. Of course living out in the woods helps. And I am a very, very lucky guy to have someone like Peggy, a point that everyone seems to agree upon. 🙂 –Curt

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