blue skies and green leaves
photo by Sylvia

For many days in a row, I found bloody feathers beneath a tree. I wondered if the culprit was a hawk, or an owl, or a cat. And then yesterday, as I was coming home from the little market down the street, I saw a small sparrow hawk with the flight precision of a fighter pilot, swoop under the tree. Immediately the tree emptied of other birds with shrill shrieks and frenetic chaos.

Walking over for a closer look, I watched him. It occurred to me that maybe I should be repulsed, or saddened or even frightened. But I was awe-struck. He looked down at me, straight into my eyes and I nodded, the tiniest little head nod, before turning away.

16 thoughts on “Awe”

    1. Right, that’s it Jet. It’s such a mixture of apprehension and wonder. That small hawk had such a presence and such a “look”, I don’t know. All I could do was be an irrelevant witness which was both troubling and a relief.

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      1. It’s a bit comforting to know that they only kill to eat, but sad as I feel when I have seen this myself they are such beautiful birds.Your story was lovely and lovely put. Thank You.


    1. Well, I looked it up after reading your inquiry and it seems as though there are many types of sparrow hawks ranging in colors and sizes and locations and in fact they seem to be known as Kestrals as well as Sparrow Hawks. I didn’t realize that. Learned something new today. Thank you.

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      1. Kestrels are really lovely, as are every kind of Hawk. To see them dive in action is really something, but God help the poor little creatures who is his prey.


    1. Tom, I have no idea why I did the little nod. I just did it automatically and really I think it just meant, “I am completely awe-struck by you and I will now leave you alone and walk away.” Thank you for sharing your story with me, I had no idea that there was an “understood” head movement between some birds and their keepers. So interesting.


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