13 thoughts on “Two Words: One Week: 2”

    1. Well, we have a while with spring yet. I had dogwood vines and lilacs and lilies of the valley in my house which were all turning a little brown and are now gone outside. Spring is fading, but like Debi points out, then summer will be here with its beauty. 🙂

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  1. Sylvia, what a glorious photo!!
    I love the colors of the flowers, fragile and delicate.
    and even though the early spring fades, the brightness of true summer love, holds promises we all anticipate! there’s nothing quite like a North American summer, short. but so, so sweet.


  2. gorgeous photo! and you tricked me up with two words! LOL! I was wondering what the ONE word would be – so I guess three tomorrow! Love this theme! 🙂


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