grey skies with tree
photo by Wolfgang Stearns

“She suffered years of domestic abuse and then one day in her 60’s decided to walk the entire Appalachian Trail.”

“If you have any icing left over, you did it wrong.”

“These things come in threes.”

“They had so little, but gave us so much.”

“It always snows in April.”

13 thoughts on “Conversations”

  1. I love when you share these bits and bobs of overheard conversations! I must remember to jot down sometimes – though I mostly am working at home. lol! Should head to the coffee shop some days and work!


    1. This time, I was a participant in each conversation. My favorite one is my son letting me know that I hadn’t “done the icing” right on the cinnamon rolls because I had icing left over. Ha!
      Yes, go to a coffee shop, you’re sure to find interesting conversations there!

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