19 thoughts on “At the Grocery Store”

  1. Nice photo Sylvia. The Smith’s grocery (owned by Kroger back east) always has very beautiful blooms for sale, and they are the first thing you see walking into my local store.


  2. It’s like a museum, you go to enjoy the exhibits. 😉 That reminds me of when my boys were tots and hubby to them to FAO Schwartz and told them it was a toy museum, no purchases allowed. It worked for a couple years until they got wise! 😀


    1. Yes, they were so very pretty. But the color was almost too vivid. I came home and looked it up just out of curiosity and it turns out that this type of violet color is artificially injected. Once these existing flowers die, the next batch (should the plant live) would most likely be white only. I found that interesting.


      1. I know people color flowers, but it seems strange to me, Sylvia. If you want a violet flower, why don’t you get a violet? Still, it was beautiful. –Curt


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