23 thoughts on “Question 5”

  1. In Christopher Tompkins book, ‘The secret life of plants’, this idea is put to the test in a series of experiments. The results were astounding to say the least. For instance , when they connected a lie detector type of device to the leaves of a plant and then put a lighter to it, the machine registered a response. And when they used live prawns dropping them in boiling water in a different room next to where the plant was, a response was registered each time. A great read by the way.


  2. I just started reading ‘The Hidden Life of Trees –
    What They Feel, How They Communicate, —Discoveries from a Secret World’ by Peter Wohlleben & Tim Flannery
    Pretty amazing read so far!


  3. They certainly respond to their surroundings. I have always been fascinated by the plants that spit seeds at you when you touch them and the others that seemingly shut down. Who’s to say… –Curt


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