15 thoughts on “Van Gogh Letters”

  1. A lovely gift for the master, sw, this bright and beautiful bearded iris. Thanks for the link to his letter, I have printed it and will read it with avid interest. I recently came upon the most wonderful Vincent VG book, by Isabel Kuhl; his name is the title. It stirred in me a new respect for Van Gogh, and I highly recommend it. What a wonderful service from the VG Museum, thank you for sharing it.


    1. Thank you Jet. I’ll look into the book that you mentioned. I have always loved Van Gogh’s work and read his letters to his brother Theo many years ago. I recently ran across the site that I linked above and it really broke my heart. It made me love him all over again. (and I wish I could reach out through time and hold him tightly)

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    1. Well, I have always loved his art. Those thick strokes that swirl and move are mesmerizing. And, I have a very big soft spot for troubled souls, of which he was one. He suffered so much inside of his head and thought himself a failure. I wish he could have known some of the world’s appreciation for his work that came long after his death.

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  2. favoring impressionist painters such as Monet I have not read much on Van Gogh. The pathos in that letter is heart wrenching to say the least.


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