17 thoughts on “White”

  1. Seen the snow, while stuck on the ground waiting to take off in Chicago.
    I did miss it. It’s pretty to look at (fresh falling) …
    Couldn’t wait to get back to Florida
    Wishing all your days to be very Merry


    1. Thank you. The funny thing is, this photo is in full color. When I made it black and white, the only noticeable difference was the color of the sidewalk. It went from a warm grey to a very cool grey. So, I left it as is. I think it still qualifies as a black and white, because it was taken from a completely natural black and white morning.

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  2. Lovely to get in the Christmas spirit 🙂 I’m currently working on a new post to fulfill as many Christmas wishes as possible. Your post certainly kept me in the mood! Keep it up, I enjoy reading your things!


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