The Hawk at the Marsh

photo by Sylvia

Yesterday i watched a hawk swoop down
and catch a little field mouse in the brush by the marsh.
It walked with its breast held forward and snow-white
underfeathers fluttering in the crisp wind.
Occasionally, the hawk looked in our direction
with what appeared to be icy superiority and
casual indifference.
But i was aware, that she was aware, of my breath
and my smell and the slightest movement from
the curious pup at my side.

16 thoughts on “The Hawk at the Marsh”

      1. I know what you mean about the mouse but then i remind myself that is designed into the natural order. I used to have s Coopers Hawk male that would sun himself on my patio in winter and would let me get fairly close. He always knew I was there but he got comfortable enough to quit watching me as long as i held still.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Birds of prey are rivoting… intense and fully hyper-present. I find any encounter with a wild thing is quite a spiritual experience when we give our full attention. Until I lived alone in the mountain woods I never understood.


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