Things I Miss

photo by Wolfgang Stearns

passing notes
anticipation on Christmas morning
climbing on old farm equipment
moccasin boots
hot tea and cold pizza
southwestern horizons
the sound of tiny feet on hard wooden floors
car shows
The Wonderful World of Disney,Β (1968-1979 version)
poetry readings
the smell of burning sage
feeling invincible
painting mismatched chairs from flea markets
chasing dogs through corn fields
clove cigarettes

19 thoughts on “Things I Miss”

  1. I think I could skip the clove cigarettes, although there was a time when I dearly missed my pipe. As for the hot tea and cold pizza, I think I will stick with hot pizza and cold beer. πŸ™‚ –Curt


    1. Laughing.
      And you are right that our tastes change throughout the years. Probably why when we try to recapture some of these things, they don’t seem as desirable as they once were. But like Jodi said, sometimes it is worth trying again. Maybe someday if I have grandchildren we’ll have Christmas anticipation and hear little feet on wooden floors again.


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