Green Field

field in the morning
photo by Sylvia

i have this thought often–
this feeling of wanting to engrave images
in my mind, etch it into my heart,
burn it into my eyes
and it makes me feel, all at once,
at peace and content, saddened and hopeless–
strange, the range of thoughts and emotions
that a green field can inspire

15 thoughts on “Green Field”

    1. I think maybe after winter, where everything is white and grey and brown, a bright green field is really like food for the soul. It is interesting what we are drawn to. Different things during different times of our lives.


    1. Well it does make one wonder. Why are some of us drawn to the ocean? Some of us drawn to desert, some to green forests? I don’t know. Maybe the answers are deep within us on a primal level, as you suggest.

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