yellow peony
photo by Sylvia

bright yellow peonies
raindrops falling on the river
a heron swallowing fish
goldfinches flying with the morning breeze
glittering wand on the window sill
a jumping spider navigating the rain
roasted kale with spices and herbs
ceramic bowls of quartz
soft pink roses fading in the sun
phone calls with far away family
chicks and hens in old mccoy pottery
tiny bunnies

33 thoughts on “Recently”

    1. Ruth, I took this photo at Sorgel’s farms in Wexford. I also had never seen a yellow peony. The pot of yellow peonies sold for close to $100 each and while I was a little taken aback at that price, the flowers were huge, the smell was intoxicating and I would have been tempted to buy them if I had a garden. As it was, I took the image and called it a day.

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      1. I know right where that is. Lots of field trips in the fall to their orchard.
        My that is pricey but definitely gorgeous. The yellow so distinctive! Picture great.

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    1. Oh it’s an old wand that I bought years ago filled with glitter and sparkling stars. The sun caught the tiny sparkles just right one morning and I loved taking it into my hands while it was warm from the sun. πŸ™‚

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  1. Love this; my mother had a long row of peonies of all colors at least 50 feet along the side of her vegetable garden. Every spring it brought a wonder of beauty. Now I live where it is extremely difficult to get them to grow. Whenever I see peonies, I think of my mother.


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