heron and reflections2
photo by Sylvia

your body and its reflection
resemble a bracket,
emphatically holding the day–
every call from screeching gulls,
each breeze rippling marshy waters,
all the tiny gnats hovering above the flat surface,
and every stray desire dispelled by me,
and perhaps by you, on that waning afternoon

28 thoughts on “Bracket”

    1. Thank you Curt 🙂 I took many that day. There was another heron just off to the left that I couldn’t capture in the same image. But I was grateful to get a shot at this heron out in the open.

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  1. This is a beautiful thought, of the external tangibles and internal intangibles of life being bracketed by a single image of beauty. And the great blue heron is among my most favorite of birds. I once saw one glide low above the surface of a roaring river beneath a covering tree canopy in Zion National Park. Breathtaking.


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